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The final for our online journalism class was another soundslide project. The goal of the assignment was to expand on the programs Soundslides, Photoshop and Audacity. We again had to work with multi-media, using photography and audio to expand the storytelling platforms.

I did my project on electronic dance music. I chose this assignment because I know a few D.J.s, producers, and composers. I love their work, their music really has a huge impact on me. I have such a respect for their artistry and through this project I really just wanted to showcase their talent and share the music with others. The angel I ended up taking with all the different interviews was to introduce the genre of music,  explain why they do it, and what the music is to them.

I liked doing this project on my own, simply because it gave me creative rein over each aspect. But working with my partner on the last one was just fine! I’m pretty flexible : )

All the photography was either taken by myself at all the different shows I have been to, or by the interviewees. I took my photos over the span of this semester just for my own personal albums, I never intended, when taking the pictures that I would use them for a school project.

The audio was a little more difficult. I didn’t have time to actually collect the audio myself for each person….luckily the project was done on people who have all the audio capability needed to get it all done….but because the interviews were done on different recorders, there were some sound issues.

If I could change anything, I would have wanted to be there in person for each interview to get better responses, to come up with follow up questions to really get the good details. Also, I would have spent more time on it because I know I could have done a better job if I wasn’t always so busy. The project, the people and the music deserved better than what I did, but too late now! : (

But I loved putting together this piece because I absolutely love the music. But had you asked me a year ago about the music, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything. Electronic dance music is relatively new to me, I am a recent fan. But the atmosphere at the different shows has really become one of my most favorite things! ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So check out my project! The music in it was produced and composed by Jake Feldman (Audius) in collboration with Chuck Williams (Cognition) ENJOY!!


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