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The first Soundslide assignment that I looked at was done by Egla and Jamie. I really liked their project topic because one of my favorite things to photograph in Laramie is the snow. Laramie is freezing and I can definitely understand how it could be a difficult transition for some people to make, especially students from warm regions. I know I have been tempted to wear a ski mask walking on campus to protect my face from wind burn (haha, got to love it though!) This is a unique story and I would never have thought of it.


The only advice I could give would have been to maybe open up the project with the sound of the wind rather than use it as a transition because wind is such a hard ambient sound to collect without getting some sound glitches. And when used as a transition it sort of distracted me. Also, they had just a few editing issues with the audio, but overall….they did a great job!


I enjoyed the pictures but I think some of them could have followed a few of the photography rules a little closer and they would have been more aesthetically appealing and complementing to the overall project.


The second project I looked at was done by Dyann and Brook. I always like to look at Dyann’s work because she has a knack for this field. I think the project was great; the ambient noise was my favorite part. They did a really good job editing it all together. And, honestly…I have no advice to give, they did a great job! –Pictures were also strong, just adding to the project as a whole.


The third project was done by Adrienne Morency & Courtney Wilhelm. I liked the topic they chose, the interviewee was well spoken and really had a voice that added to the piece. The pictures were great, really went with the story.

My only advice would be, to have made clearer cuts in your editing, and made the music at the very beginning a little bit longer, because after all it was a music piece and I would have liked to have heard a little bit more before they jumped into the interview.

Go ahead and check out the rest of the classes work, they all did a great job!


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