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Here is the final project: University of Wyoming MARCHING BAND

This project was assigned to the class; it was a collaborative project where we had to interview a few people on a topic of our choice. The story piece needed to be informative and/or entertaining. The project was assigned to get us practicing audio editing, interview skills, photography skills, team work, communication, and to learn about the computer program Soundslides, all while combining the multiple facets as we most likely will in the work force.


We chose to incorporate both entertainment and informative aspects of our story. Our story was on the University of Wyoming Marching Band. We wanted to capture what marching band teaches members, what members take away from the experience; we wanted to gear it towards the idea that it could be used on the University website in order to attract new band members.


My partner is a member of the band and although it would have never been a topic I would have chosen off hand, I was glad I got to do it. I love to learn about things I wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to thus far in life if it wasn’t for this class. Over all I loved the project, it was great to get a chance to collaborate with a person I don’t know.


I enjoyed Soundslides, it’s a really easy tool to create multi-media projects and will definitely be beneficial to my future. The only problems we ran into, were as usual…technological miscommunications…(sometimes I feel so conflicted, I have a serious love/hate relationship with technology!!!)


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