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Story Pitches

For this assignment we will be including all creative devices from past assignments to do a sound slide. But first we need to pitch three-story ideas. Here are mine  : )

Animal Shelter:

•      Idea: The animal shelter here in Laramie is always packed with animals. I have adopted from there twice. I want to do a story that encourages people to adopt, volunteer, donate but also teaches the responsibilities of a pet owner.
•     Importance:
  The story is important because here in Laramie, college students often neglect their pets. They adopt them with good intentions but don’t fully understand the responsibilities/fees that come with owning a pet, and a lot of the pets are the ones who feel the full brunt of the consequences. Also, there are people out there who should try adopting a pet, it could be one of the best things they ever do. They can save a life and find a source of love and companionship that often comes with owning a pet. It is also interesting because pets are a cute subject and pictures would be easy to get.

•    Sources: Laramie Animal Control

                     Animal Shelter 

                     Vet Clinic          

Drunk Driving:
Idea: For this piece I would want to highlight the excessive amount of tickets given out each year for the crime, the consequences of the crime, and really try to prevent people from driving while drunk.

•   Importance: Wyoming has a ridiculously high level of drunken driving accidents and tickets each year. I have lost a lot of friends to this, and at the early age of 21 I feel like the number is MUCH too high. I think a piece done on this subject would be really emotional and invoke a lot a reflection. With this story I would hope to get the attention of anyone, because just one less drunk driver on the road could save a lot of lives.
•       Sources:
MADD (mothers against drunk driving) 

                       Draw The Line 

                      Laramie Police Department

Denver D.J. Scene:

•   Idea: Denver, CO has a huge following for electronic music. The scene has blown up in the past few years and I am fortunate enough to know a few D.J.s that have residency at some of the hottest clubs in the city. I also have friends who work to produce their own beats, and a few that have had songs reach the top of prestigious charts, one chart being beatport.

•   Importance: This piece would have more of an entertainment angle vs. the other informative and motivational pitches I made earlier. This story would be very visually aesthetic with pictures from shows (fun light shows and big crowds) and production studios. I think it would also be fun to interview some of the D.J.s I know because they all have really interesting stories and insights on where the industry came from and is going.

•   Sources:     D.J. Audius (House D.J./ production artist/ beatport artist)

                         D.J. Cognition (resident D.J. at club Beta)

                         Music Journalist for livemusicblog.com, Derek Barylski of Denver, CO


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