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Audio Profile Critique

As a follow up assignment we were asked to critique 3 audio profiles done by other students in the class. To compare, check out my final project.

The first one I looked at was done by Dyann Diercks who interviewed fellow student Brooke Eades. I liked the angle of the story, it was interesting and it kept my attention. The interviewee sounded enthused about the subject and that is key to a good story. The only thing I noticed was that there were a few spots the editing wasn’t sharp enough and it made sections unclear. I would suggest that she allow more silent transition time to ensure a smooth shift from one piece to the next. There was no background noise to distract from the story so she did a really good job there. Ambient noise could have been included but it wasn’t necessary. So, in all, other than an editing cut problem in one area, I think she did a great job on the assignment! The only advice I can give to her is to magnify the audio to as big as possible in order to make clear cuts!


The Second audio profile I listened to was done by Faryn Babbitt who interviewed Jamie Crew. I enjoyed the interview but I thought it was a bit scattered. Had she chosen to focus on just her job search, or the internships, or just a single internship I think it would have been more interesting. There was a tiny portion of background noise in one clip. She could have used the effects tool to remove as much distracting noise as possible and I think the tool would have removed most or all of the background noise. Also I think she could have taken out some of the “um’s” and filler words because it distracts from the interview it’s self. Other than that, she did a good job!


The third audio profile I listened to was done by Brad Estes who interviewed James Burges. I think I liked reading the blog more that listening to the audio clip. The blog made me laugh and intrigued me more than the audio story. I thought it would have been better had he cut out his questions, done the interview in a quite place because there is a lot of background noise and that some of the editing could have been cleaner. The only advice I have for Brad would to point the creative presence you get from reading his blog into the profile project.

I learned a lot from this assignment, I learned that you can’t expect your subject to bring the excitement to the piece, you have to find ways to pull it out of them by asking a lot of questions. A 2 minute or 5 minutes piece isn’t always enough to do this so I think a pre-interview is very necessary rather than just jumping into the project and hoping to get some useful material. I liked the project and I’m excited to work more with the audio editing process.


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