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Here is the final product from the audio profile assignment.

SO! After a lot of hard work chopping and moving around the audio, I came up with this final product for the audio profile assignment.  As I mention in the previous blog, we were assigned an interview/audio editing project where we had to interview a fellow classmate. I interviewed Egla Negussie, a 22 year old student from Ethiopia, studying journalism with an emphasis in P.R.  I chose to direct my audio interview on the differences from Ethiopia and Wyoming. I thought it was an interesting angle for the story rather than have the piece solely focus on her education.  My favorite part about the whole assignment was getting to know about Egla. The ethnographic aspect of journalism is one of the most interesting parts of the field to me. I enjoy learning all about people. The interview process also helped me out a lot, and I am glad this class has given me the opportunity to learn outside of the class room with hands on activities.  

The audio editing process of this interview was done with audacity; it is a pretty easy program to navigate. The only part of this project I did not enjoy was brought on by the sometimes-unavoidable technological errors that I always seem to run into. Other than that it was a solid project, but I hope to see an assignment in the future that gives us a chance to do a longer piece, with a longer interview.

If I would have done anything different it would have been to get my recorder closer to the interviewee so that the audio would have been louder because at times she would fade in and out with her answers.  I would have also messed with the effects a bit more to make some of the transitions smoother.  But here is the profile, check it out : )

Audio Profile by AudreyVenus


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