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I interviewed Egla Negussie, a fellow class mate, who is majoring in journalism with an emphasis in public relations, the same as me. The interview itself was interesting. I like using an audio recorder because if you miss anything, all you had to do is rewind and the information is there. Audio interviews also really give you a better sense of who that person is, hearing someone’s voice can help listeners connect on a different level that isn’t there in writing. I thought the biggest obstacles while interviewing was to not get any background noise, even though we conducted our interviews in a quite study room, the recorder still seemed to pick up things we could not hear.

I learned that you really need to be prepared for the interview; you need to be able to think of follow up questions while they are answering the previous one. Another thing I learned from being the interviewee was that I need to work on my communication skills. Anxiety is something that does not fit in the journalism world and I need to get over my fear of public speaking. I found it really interesting how nervous I got when the table was turned from interviewer to interviewee. I feel much more comfortable asking the questions than answering them.

Also something I have learned from this project and from my internship is that research is key. If you walk into an interview unprepared then you wont get an interesting piece, you need to have a focus and scope prepared so that you know the direction you want to take the piece.

My biggest likes about the assignment was conducting the interview and working with audacity. I love learning about people and different cultures, the ethnographic aspect of journalism is something I am really passionate about. Also I really enjoy working with computer programs. I feel like, in this day and age, that computer knowledge will really give me a keg up in the industry.

The only thing I wish I could have done different was to be less nervous the moment the audio recorder turned on (I need to take speech classes). Also I would like to have gone more in depth with the interview process. Egla is an interesting girl to me, we are similar in our educational direction, but at the same time we come from polar opposite backgrounds, yet we are brought together through the University of Wyoming. I would like to learn more about her, where she is from, and the cultural differences she has experienced during her educational transition from Ethiopia to the United States.

Here are the unedited versions of the interview:
EGLA by AudreyVenus
EGLA2 by AudreyVenus


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