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Audio Editing Practice

We were assigned to record our selves counting to 10 in a mixed order. Once we did that we had to open the files in audacity, a sound program where you can edit your sound clips. We were then asked to rearrange our numbers so that they were in order from 1 to 10.
Counting original by AudreyVenus

Counting edited by AudreyVenus
This assignment wasn’t very difficult. I haven’t worked much with audio journalism but I did get to edit my resume tape this summer when I did my internship with ABC. They used a program called Final Cut Pro and it isn’t simply for audio but for video as well. With that program I learned how to edit shots, you could raise voices or deepen them. Also, you could chop up the audio if you wanted to overlay it on top of B-roll. You could splice audio up, just as we did in this assignment, and rearrange it to what you wanted it to say. Also if the ambient noise was distracting during an interview you could lower it and bring up the voices. Same with music, you could fade and gradually bring the music up throughout the clip. It was a much more advanced program but I learned a lot through it. 

The purpose of this assignment was to get us familiar with audio journalism and how we can use audio editing programs to improve our sound clips. This will definitely help when it comes to any audio journalism pieces we have to conduct in our careers. Audio editing is a very important facet to journalism today because so much of journalism is now online. It is a technique that is growing in popularity, so to be familiar with the editing programs will give us a leg up when it comes to applying to jobs after graduation. Overall, I enjoyed the assignment.


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