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Ambient Noise

Right now in our online journalism class we are working with audio journalism. We have listened to a few examples on-line, and by far the best pieces included ambient sound. It adds to the feel of the story as well as creates smooth transitions. So we were assigned to go out and collect our own samples. Mine are mainly just of every day, construction on the University of Wyoming campus, the different buildings on campus, my office, and my home. Check them out : )
Ambient Noise- UW Union by AudreyVenus
I collected this sound in the University of Wyoming Union. This ambient noise could be used in any student life piece because you get the sound of people talking, keys raddling, people playing ping-pong in the Gardens down stairs…it really just captures the essence of every day college life.

Ambient Noise- Office Work by AudreyVenus
I work on campus in Coe Library. I spend a large portion of my life in the library so this is just a sound sample of the work I do. You hear the scanner, the key board, mouse, and my music playing in the background.
Ambient Noise- Construction on campus by AudreyVenus

I collected this sound just walking to class. You can hear the leaves crunching which is good for a fall piece. You can also hear a motorcycle start up, and then construction. Our campus is always putting in a new building and I walk by one going up every day on my way to campus. This sound clip could be used for a student body piece, a fall piece, or construction piece.
Ambient Noise- Campus Union by AudreyVenus

This is just another example of noise collected on campus in the Union. You hear people talking and working, I walked by the cafe and you can kind of hear them making coffee.

I like this sound clip just because it captures the sound of fall. Laramie usually doesn’t get a fall season, it usually just jumps from summer to winter but this year it is absolutely beautiful and I think this sound captures it.
Ambient Noise- Fall time by AudreyVenus
Ambient Noise- House sounds by AudreyVenus

This is just a clip I collected as I made my lunch at my house. It could easily be used for any cooking interview. All you hear it me opening the kitchen draw to get out bread, then you hear me open it to get out utensils, I open the cabinet to get out a plate and then you can hear my roommates talking in the background.

I collected this sound at Half Acre Gym on campus. This could be used for a sports piece or student body life. You just here the game going on, the players cheering and calling out plays, the ball bouncing, and the ref blowing the whistle as well as other onlookers chit chatting. There were several games going on at once so you here more action.
Ambient Noise- Volley Ball by AudreyVenus


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