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Class Bio Assignment

For our online journalism class we were assigned to interview a professor from the University of Wyoming in a department of our choice. We then had to post the information using html and creative devise through photography. I did my interview with Dr. Jeffrey Means from the history department. Now that the assignment is complete our professor has asked that we critique the other student’s projects.

From the three stories I read I learned a great deal about the professors and what the University has to offer. I really enjoyed reading about the respected professors. Knowing that there are so many teachers that are truly passionate and driven within their fields positively reinforces the reasons why I chose to attend the University of Wyoming.

From the first story I read, by Dyann Diercks on Professor Lee Hodgson, I learned that about the career he created for himself in costume design. I loved the pictures she used to compliment the story, it really gave you a good idea of the work he did in his studio. The only thing that I would have liked to see different would maybe be a picture or two of him working with students. I liked how she linked to the University of Wyoming website and overall I really think she grasped the concept of the assignment and reached the goals she was going for.

The second story I read was Back to the Beginning by Anna Rader. The bio was done on Randi Martinsen, a geography professor here at the University of Wyoming. Right away I chose to read this story among others because of the appealing pictures. They grabbed my attention more than others. The content was solid and the quotes used really engaged me as a reader and kept me intrigued with the information. The piece of information that lingered with me after reading the story would have to be the part about how she ended up in the field. Saying that it was a fluke after a bad chemistry grade, this little bit of personal information makes the story inviting, almost as if you have a better sense of who the professor is.

I liked the story and the pictures but there were a few grammatical errors and a chunk or two that did not transition smoothly. But other than that it was a great story!

The third story I read was done by Zach Laux on Professor Erin Forbes. First off, I liked the pictures. English isn’t the easiest field to snap creative photos for but he did a really good job of finding visually appealing angles to draw the reader in. They made me want to read more about the story and that’s what a good photograph is supposed to do. I also liked the angle of the story because for a lot of professors they didn’t see themselves ending up in this career but Erin Forbes was driven from a young age to become exactly what she is today. She is living her dream. I really loved how Zach introduced his subject with a pretty teasing sentence in the beginning. Also the title grabbed my attention quicker than most.

My only concern with the story was that he didn’t use links. But besides that he did a great job!  

This assignment really helped me. The part I learned most from was the interview process. When I did my internship for ABC this past summer I was really lagging in the interview area because I had never had a class that taught me any of these skills. I’m glad now that I can say my classes are starting to pick up and help me towards a future career because a lot of past classes have not stuck with me and were of little use to me when it came to my internship.

There was nothing really that surprised me about the assignment except for the amount of time needed to complete it. I was having to miss classes in order to meet up with the professor, once for the interview and a second time to get pictures with him engaging with his students, so just in general the amount of rescheduling I had to do to get the assignment completed.

The only thing I wish I would have done more is set aside more time to do a better job. I wish I could have got some more creative pictures and been able to get to know Dr. Means a little bit more but overall I think it was a respectable assignment and I really learned a lot.


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