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Photojournalism Flicker slide show

  1. On top of the World, Elevation 8,500 ft.: (taken in the Vedauwoo Mountains)  I chose this as my feature photo because I think it will appeal to people. It represents a strong human interest as well as a fresh view of every day life. Personally, this picture makes me feel a connection to nature when I see it. I was very jealous of this climber because I wanted so badly to be up on top of that rock. I mentioned 8,500 f.t. in my title but that climber was well above that height. People, nature, the entire world are interconnected, and that’s why I think this is a great feature photo. Also, it was a found situation. I did not expect to see that climber during my hike, and was unable to get their name. I had to zoom in to get the shot, but the climber was up there for a long time so I was able to take a few photos.
  2. Sports-Related Photo- FEATURE: I chose the photo of the golfers in the cart. I used rule of thirds to make it pleasing to the eye. I like that I caught the mountains in the background because more often than not, the mountains are hard to see due to Laramie’s usually cloudy weather. I think the photo is interesting because it is taken in black and white and that seems to draw my eye in much more than had it been in color.
  3. Sports Action: Golf Swing in the Evening.  I like this photo because of the lighting. Also because of the angle I took the shot from. I think the angle and lighting add to the aesthetic appearance of the picture.  Although the back lighting is a very bright and washes out, I still think that it will appeal to viewers because blinding sun light is part of every day life. And what I find most appealing about photography is that any one’s life can be captured in an appealing way, you just have to know how to work the creative devices to evoke interest.
    1. This photo was difficult to get, in that I had to take many shots. But I was actually just with friends golfing that day and figured I would take some photos to capture their movement. Danny Buell is a decent golfer and he is always complimented on his form so I chose him as my subject. I tried to get different angles, to use the rule of thirds, and I took several shots in many different color settings, trying to gauge which shot would be most pleasing to an audience. It wasn’t a planned event or tournament which created a pleasantly, relaxed atmosphere. Plus, it was a beautiful day and there were plenty of golfers taking full advantage of the uncommon, windless day in Laramie, Wy.
  4. Zoey Kitty: I really like this picture of our cat because she is just about to fall asleep. She carries that nasty feather with her all over, just like a child would his favorite blanket. The feather is a bit out of focus but I think that it adds an extra interest to the photo. The feather being out of focus makes you concentrate on the cat behind it. It is also a close up, which I find more appealing than had I taken it from the position I was sitting without zooming in.
  5. Left Behind Workshop: I really like this picture because I took it in a sepia format and it gives it a really old look. The sun light coming in from the side makes me feel like I’m in some old movie, which is exactly what I wanted from the picture. The tools and apron belonged to the man who built the house himself in the 40’s. The story is actually a really great one. He built the house for his family, his wife and 2 daughters. When they first built the house the mortgage was $100. When they finally paid it off after many years, they had a ‘burning party’ where they burned the paper work of the mortgage to celebrate all the hard work and years that went into their home. When the mother and father passed away they left the house to the daughters. The daughters were unable to take care of the house because they no longer lived in Laramie. When I moved in, to my great surprise, they left behind a lot of cool, old stuff that really holds tight to the memories created in the house by the family.  I have always felt at home in this house and I think it was because of the loving family that built it. It has such an inviting comfort about it, and that is why I like this picture so much!

From this project I learned that photography comes in many different shapes and forms. There are simple rules to follow but there are pictures every where waiting to be taken. You don’t have to always travel long distances to get what you’re looking for, sometimes it is in your back yard. But where ever you go, you will find perfect opportunities, and I since this class, I have made it a point to take my camera with me even when I’m just walking to class, because you never know what you will see or what tiny detail will catch your eye.


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