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Creative Devices in Photography (Flicker Slide Show) 

  1.  View Point: Arts and Sciences Building: This shot was taken from the top floor looking down. Even taking it made me a little dizzy. Although it follows other creative devices such as framing and leading lines, the dominate device is view point. You don’t often find your self looking down at this angle so I feel that the picture gives the viewer a good feeling of the depth between me and the subject at the very first floor.
  2. Texture:  this photo is simple but it uses the creative device of texture. It’s amusing how some every day things in life seem so thoughtless but when you get up close you can see all the detail and work that must have gone in to weaving a basket such as this. That is why I really appreciate close up shots, they catch the small detail that we often over look in every day life. It makes me appreciate the smaller things.
  3. Leading Lines: This photo draws you in because of the many different lines all heading in the same direction. It makes you focus on the subject. The lines draw your eye in and make the picture more aesthetically pleasing. I chose to take it in black and white because the subject was wearing a white shirt; also I think it captures the contrast of the bridge much better than had it been in color.
  4. Framing: I like this picture just because it uses texture, focus, and framing. I used the macro setting to focus on what we behind the fence, and although the subject isn’t very exciting, the framing method makes it more interesting for the viewer.
  5. Rule of Thirds: I really like this photo. It fits the grid pattern that is proven most appealing to viewers and that’s probably why I like it. The moon is almost framed by the rocks, but you’re eyes aren’t pulled from the picture; they focus on the entire subject. I think the photo captures viewer’s attention because of the color in the rock and the bright blue sky, contrasted with an already risen moon. It captures day and night, and the rule of thirds makes it pleasing to the eye.


These 5 photos are not my favorite of the selection, but they best demonstrate the 5 creative devices. This compiled body of work is also not my favorite or best work. I didn’t have much time to devote to the project due to personal issues. But what the assignment taught me was that photography isn’t just about capturing the most beautiful scenes. It’s about capturing the world around us. The pictures can be simple, but if they follow the creative devices, they will most likely get positive feedback because they are proven to be what is most pleasing to the eye. I really enjoy close ups. I know that I, personally, am not a very observant person, and this project really allowed me the better appreciate the detail that surrounds me every day.


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