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 Well on my cruise to suffice my news appetite I came upon a few multimedia stories that grabbed my attention. And as always, the first spot I checked for my news was MSN. I love their World Blog from NBC, because it gives more information than the article posted on the site and really gives much more material to better understand just how dire the situation is. The situation I’m speaking of is the “Insurgency” in Mexico. The blog done by F. Brinley Bruton is a strong example of multimedia because it uses text, pictures, and film clips. The pictures are riveting and demand attention from the viewer. And if the pictures and story alone aren’t enough to cement into your mind the danger of the developing situation, the video footage really reinforces the rest of the blog. Also another thing that I really enjoyed about the film embedded into the blog was that it wasn’t simply a link but the actual video up and with a play button easily seen. This really ensures that the reader is much more likely to stop and watch the video rather than passing it by if it had only been a simple blue worded hyperlink.

Another strong example I found was from the New York Times section, the Frugal Traveler. I really enjoyed the article A Taste of History in the South, and a Hint of Home in New York. The story included text, pictures, and video. Although some of the pictures were small it still did the story justice by capturing pictures of the city, people, food, entertainment, etc. The article really gives you an idea of what a trip to this place might be like.

Another strong example comes from ABC, the article on Pastor Jones and his idea to burn Korans on 9/11. First off may I say, this man is culturally insensitive and outlandishly ludicrous. His idea is preposterous and he is filling the air with nonsense and it kills me to see how many followers he has on board with the ridiculous plan. BUT, nonetheless, ABC does a great job of covering the story in detail with text, video, and pictures. Something else I like about this article that sets it apart from the others is that the video clip starts playing the moment you open up the page, while the others you had to click to play the video. This is immediate information right at your finger tips and I LOVE it!

I also love, love, love magazines and they may not be able to insert video clips but their use of color, text, and picture is wonderful and I think they are an entertainment source that should not go overlooked when it comes to multimedia.

I know a lot of people are sad that there is a decline in the newspaper industry but I rather like the direction news sources are going. There is so much more possibility with the internet versus paper and ink, and multimedia is only one example…. : )


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